Why do i lie so much quiz?

Henderson Kris asked a question: Why do i lie so much quiz?
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What kind of liar are you? Take this quiz to find out. Lying seems to be a deeply human trait. Science suggests our reasons for deceit might be something else we share.

You answered: Correct Answer: Just getting through the day can sap your willpower and make you more likely to take shortcuts -- and tell lies -- later in the day. So if you’re hiring and want ...

C. Yes because i caused it. 4. You are acused of somthing you didnt do and got in trobble for it but it was pure genius and although your in troble for it you are happy that people think your realy clever. A. Yes i did it and im sorry but dosnt it show im realy clever. B. No i didnt do it but i am an genius. C.

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Have you ever lied to protect someone? Do you not lie at all? Do you lie so much that you can't even tell the difference? Take our quiz to see what kind of 'liar' are you. You may even be surprised at the result. Questions and Answers. 1. If someone asks you, "Where were you last night?" What would your answer be?

Why do I lie so much? Home More advice General Knowledge. Ok im a person who lies up to 100 times a day.why because I cant stand the truth of reality and I was wondering why I feel like I have to be a lil better than everyone and I was wondering why cause even when I dont wanna lie I lie its like my mind tells me to or else something bad will ...

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If you are hurting, sad or crying, this quiz might be able to explain why, if you do not already know. Sorry if it is not the most accruate. I will try my best.

I had a hard time understanding why I was lying so much. I guess maybe some people are lucky and can figure it all out and just quit on their own. I wasn't that lucky. I had to go to therapy. My lies were so bad that it took me being hospitalized in a psych hospital to start to learn what was causing me to be that way.

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