Why do i pay tax on my bonus pay?

Maudie Rodriguez asked a question: Why do i pay tax on my bonus pay?
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Your bonus is taxed differently from your regular pay because the IRS treats it differently. 10'000 Hours/Getty Images. If you receive an annual bonus, you may be surprised to see how much is ...

The IRS considers cash bonuses “supplemental wages,” which means you could have to pay income tax on it, like you do on your regular salary or hourly wage. Your employer will take the taxes on your bonus out of your paycheck for you, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

The employees must pay federal and state income taxes and FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare) on bonus pay. You must also include bonus amounts in calculating unemployment taxes, the Social Security maximum, and the additional Medicare tax. 3 Withholding Taxes on Employee Bonuses

The tax on your bonus depends on how your employer calculates the payment. If your bonus is included with your regular paycheck, you may receive less of it. It sounds crazy, but consider refusing or postponing a bonus. Congratulations — your boss says you'll get a hefty bonus.

If the bonus would push your income into a higher tax bracket this year and you expect less income next year, this strategy makes considerable sense. Even if you will still be in the same tax bracket, you benefit by delaying the day you have to pay the taxes by a year.

Your bonus amount simply becomes part of your total taxable income for the year, which may impact your tax bracket, i.e. the percentage of tax you pay on your income. The amount of tax withheld in your bonus month depends on which method your company uses to calculates tax.

Because the U.S. tax system is structured as a progressive one, it is possible to have your bonus boost a certain percentage of your wages into a higher tax bracket. Contrary to popular belief, taxpayers are not taxed at one rate. Rather, your income is taxed at different increments ranging from 10 to 37 percent.

If you receive a bonus from work on top of regular salary you are liable to income tax, national insurance and other deductions on the additional income. To make planning easier we have produced this quick tool to allow you to see how much of any bonus you get to keep, and how much is taken off for the Treasury.

The way PAYE works is that when someone earns over x amount deemed to be the 40% tax threshold bracket then that is taxed at 40%, even if it is only a one off bonus. i.e say the threshold was £700pw, but because of a bonus, he was paid £1500pw, that £1500 would be over the 20% threshold so would be taxed at 40% on it.

To determine how much income tax to deduct from bonuses or retroactive pay increases, take the total remuneration for the year (including the bonus or increase) and subtract the following amounts: a deduction for living in a prescribed zone; an amount that a tax services office has authorized; registered pension plan (RPP) contributions; union dues

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